Is it Christmas Already!!

I cannot believe Christmas is in a couple of days.

Just in case you need a last minute gift,
(or stocking stuffer)
I want to share a couple I put together.

Soaps from Pier 1 on clearance

Bath salts and some extra things left
 from the Christmas decorating.

Tie a bow and embellish!

Aren't they cute?  And who wouldn't like to bathe in
White Champaka, Exotic Cinnamon or Dark Chocolate?

This little project was fun to do.  These are clear
balls made for crafting.

I used the same left over decorating supplies.

Remove the hanger and funnel the salts in the ball.
 I sat them in a muffin pan for stability.

Replace the hanger (or hook) and decorate.

Now these little guys are heavy and I don't
think they would hang on the tree.  But they
look really cute sitting by the tub.  Yes, because
they're heavy, they will sit and not rock.

Just a little personal note. 

 My granddaughter is in there! Her name is Abigale and she is
 keeping us in suspence!  As her sister said to her in a letter,

"You'll really like it out here in the world.
  Mommy and Grammy are very nice."

We're waiting for you Abi...

When the presents have all been opened,
when we have eaten our fill of holiday food and
the last child has been tucked in for the night,
remember why we celebrated in the first place.

  Have Joyous Christmas!



I love to win things!

 It doesn't happen very often to me but when it does,
 I get so excited!

So I thought I would give something away at the
 Ladies Brunch.

The winner of a one hour consultation is.....


We will do whatever she choses in that hour.
 Help with one room or advice on the entire house.

Congratulations Veda!!


Talented Women

This past weekend I attended the 2009 Ladies Christmas Brunch at my church.  The theme this year was Home for the Holidays.  I am never disappointed and truly in awe at what these talented women can do. We laughed, we cried, we ate, we visited with each other, we hugged, we sang, we prayed and we had a blast.

Each year there is a table decorating contest that always just blows me away!  Get ready to be inspired!   (click each picture to enlarge)

Elegant Roses

Winter Wonderland

Animal Print 

Christ the King

Red and Black Elegance


You never have to much animal print!

Beautifully Creative

No matter where we chose to sit, (yes! we got to choose! it was really hard), we felt like royality. 

Thank you NCC Ladies for such a inspirational morning!

Email me with pictures of your Christmas decorated table.  Have any questions?  Which table was your favorite?

Have a Blessed Christmas

More Christmas decorating ideas to come.....;)


I'm in Love!

I saw this commericial and I am in love!!  Have I been hiding under a rock?  Where have I been to not know about this product?  Oh, how much easier my life could have been all these years!

HANG AND LEVEL. Check it out for yourself!

Was that just fabulous or what?!  Gettin' that, yep.  See you at Home Depot tomorrow!


Mantels, Oh My!

Wow, mantels... the sky's the limit.  From very ormnate to very simple, the choice is yours.  Here's a look of the mantel I created to go along with my sister's 'Blue Christmas'  She's a big Elvis fan, so whenever I see this all I can hear is, 'I'll have a blue Christmas without you'.  Now it's your turn to get that song trapped in your head!!

This garland was very easy to create.  All you need is the right amount you want to decorate you area. 

This product is wonderful.  It covers a lot of area and is only about $10 or less for a roll.

Just gather and attach by wrapping part of the garland around the netting.  I embelished it with some extra pine picks to give it a thicker look.  Then Christmas balls were used in different sizes throughout.

There you have it.  Ok, where's the hot chocolate?
So I guess all that's left to say is...
"Thank you very much"  (in my deep Elvis voice)



A centerpiece is just what it says...a center piece.  It demands the center of attention.  It is what the remainder of the elements surrounding it is based on.
I had the chance to create a 'Blue Christmas' recently for my sister.  Here are the steps to her gorgeous centerpiece.

#1.  Assemble the neccessary items.

I used 2 (one shown), pine swags and a container to hold a candle.

Elements of blue with lots of sparkle were chosen for this project.
Choose the colors that go best with your color scheme.  Red and green, shades of purple, pinks.  Pick a color, any color!

#2. Placing the swags and vase

Place the swags end to end with enough room to cradle the vase.  Also placing the centerpiece on a table runner makes it easier to move around the table as needed.

#3. Putting it all together.
Then just start placing the elements keeping in mind balance and proportion.  No hot glue was used, making it easy to store for next year. 

And there you have it!!

Who wouldn't love this on their dining table?! 

What about you?  Got some great centerpiece ideas?  Any questions?  Leave a comment or email me your pictures and they could be in my next post!

Check out these other great Christmas crafts!



Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Ours was wonderful.  Lots of family and even more food!

I have had several requests to post pictures of some of my Christmas decorations I have around my house.  Click the picture for a larger view!  So, here goes.... 

My dining table.  The centerpiece I made from a broken wall sconce, greenery picks I removed from a wrought iron piece that I liked better without them, a glass vase I got on clearance and some left over beads.  It's one of those 'use what ya got' creations.  I also used paper napkins as placemats.

Close up of the Nativity.

My Snow Villiage.   I won the wreath at a Christmas decorating class I took!

You can take in a movie...

Or, have a slice of pie.  Doesn't it look as if you could walk in and sit down?

The kitchen counter. 

The top of the entertainment center.  I later changed out the gold berries with red ones.  It gave it more interest.

The little birdie sitting among the berries.

Even the bathroom gets a little something.

The center of the garland hanging around the window in the family room.

And the tree.  For some reason the top looks green in this picture.  I have the tree sitting on a table.  It's a small tree and raising it gives it more presence in the room.

Well, that was a little tour of some of my decorations.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


You're Never to Old for a Cake with Your Name on it!

This weekend was my father-in-law's birthday.  He's a quiet man who has the love and respect of his family and friends.  It was an honor to help prepare for the celebration of his 80 years on this earth.

Dad Evers about to cut his Italian Creme Cake.

Here is a great idea I got from Nancy of 2nd Additions. 

Take a vase or cylinder, (this one I got at the dollar store for $1), layer it with different kinds of dried beans, place a votive candle is the center and instant centerpiece!  To get the golden color I was looking for I used corn. The layers are pintos, corn, navy beans and split peas.  Simple, cheap and beautiful!

The memory table was quite a hit with the crowd.  It span almost his entire 80 years.  From grade school to his 60th wedding anniversary.

But I think the table that got the most attention was the scrapbook table.  Instead of a guest book, everyone was encouraged to create their own scrapbook page.  Each one wrote a sentiment about our guest of honor and then decorated it anyway they wanted.  It was then place in a binder and given to Dad at the end of the evening.

What a great time we had with family. We'll have to do that again for his next 80th birthday!


Color your room with Fall

What is about Fall

Is it the fact we can all breathe again without all the humidity in the air? 

Is it the beautiful colors God so graciously displays? 

Is the fact the nesting instinct kicks in and we get our homes ready to nestle in for the cool weather?

For me it is all the above and all I can say is 'Yea Fall!'. 

Decorating your home for Fall doesn't mean you have to pack up your house and refill it with seasonal 'stuff'.  For the most part, you can embellish what you already have in place.

Of course I like some new things to decorate with just as much as you do!  But by keeping some loose items like leaves, gourds, pumpkins, candles and berries, you can have new decorations every year!

I buy most all my decorating items on clearance at the end of each season.  I can't always remember what I did an hour ago,  so it's always an adventure to open up my 'Fall' box and create something 'new'.

Let me show you...

By just adding some fall fruit to the already colorful arrangement, you get instant Fall.

Here the greenery that was used in the summer is removed and replaced with fall leaves.  Then all I did was pull some of my loose items, (the berries, vines and small pumpkins I was telling you about), and spruced it up a bit.

How cute is this? 


So, what do you do to color your room with Fall?




Last weekend my husband and I decided to skip town for the day.  We headed west to Canton Texas, the home of the largest flee market around.
We stopped at a roadside park for a picnic lunch and discovered a wildlife refuge just on the other side of the fence where we were eating.  It's amazing the things that are right under our noses if we just take the time to stop and look. 

Which brings me to my find of the day.  Paul Michael.  No, it's not a man, it's a store!  Some of you may have been there before, but this was my first time, and it won't be my last!

It is just off the I20 at the Canton Exit.   I have to tell you, I actually had a rush when I walked in that store! 

Pots just outside the door



Distressed Furniture

Are these gorgeous or what?

Did I say 'Clearance'!

After Paul Michael's we did make it over to the actual flee market.  We saw some unique works of art.  There are a lot of very crafty people out there!

Have you ever heard of a toilet tank runner?  They were the cutest things.  I wanted to take a picture of them to show you but the lady at the booth said that pictures were not allowed.  I told her I was going to give her the credit, but she still said no.  They look just like a regular table runner only smaller.  I just loved them.  I am not a big fan of a naked toilet tank. ;)

We had such a great time at Paul Michael's. I'll be sharing the pictures of their awesome Christmas decorations soon.

Oh!  I did over hear someone say they would be going back to PM's for their after Christmas sale.  So if any of you are me.