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Redesign...the new Green!

I love to redesign and create 'new' spaces without breaking the bank.  With redesign you can re-use, re-purpose and re-position yourself to a beautiful room! 

A lot of the time, you can 'shop' your own house for treasures to use in different rooms to get a completely different feel.

Here are a few examples...

With some rearranging, a new serving cart and accessories, this dining room became as warm and welcoming as the homeowner.

She just wanted a new look.  Nothing new was purchased.  Simply moved some furniture around, shopped the house for 'new' goodies to use in the space and there you have it!!  'New' room!

Because she was never sure how to 'treat' this area of her dining room, it remained blank for almost 20 years.  The chair was removed and a custom window seat cushion was made for seating, curtains, pillows and accessories completed the look.  Her response?  'Where were you 20 years ago?"

Wow, what a change!  Paint, molding, flooring, counter tops, hardware, new appliances, sink and faucet and the addition of a coffee bar!  We had a lot of fun in this kitchen!

They needed a room that was 'grown up'.  Muted blues and browns, new artwork, nightstands, curtains and accessories brought this room from drab to fabulous!

Most of this grandmother's time is spent in this room, reading and watching TV when her granddaughter is not in here asleep.  So the crib was moved to another room so she could have her well deserved sanctuary.

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