Is it Christmas Already!!

I cannot believe Christmas is in a couple of days.

Just in case you need a last minute gift,
(or stocking stuffer)
I want to share a couple I put together.

Soaps from Pier 1 on clearance

Bath salts and some extra things left
 from the Christmas decorating.

Tie a bow and embellish!

Aren't they cute?  And who wouldn't like to bathe in
White Champaka, Exotic Cinnamon or Dark Chocolate?

This little project was fun to do.  These are clear
balls made for crafting.

I used the same left over decorating supplies.

Remove the hanger and funnel the salts in the ball.
 I sat them in a muffin pan for stability.

Replace the hanger (or hook) and decorate.

Now these little guys are heavy and I don't
think they would hang on the tree.  But they
look really cute sitting by the tub.  Yes, because
they're heavy, they will sit and not rock.

Just a little personal note. 

 My granddaughter is in there! Her name is Abigale and she is
 keeping us in suspence!  As her sister said to her in a letter,

"You'll really like it out here in the world.
  Mommy and Grammy are very nice."

We're waiting for you Abi...

When the presents have all been opened,
when we have eaten our fill of holiday food and
the last child has been tucked in for the night,
remember why we celebrated in the first place.

  Have Joyous Christmas!



I love to win things!

 It doesn't happen very often to me but when it does,
 I get so excited!

So I thought I would give something away at the
 Ladies Brunch.

The winner of a one hour consultation is.....


We will do whatever she choses in that hour.
 Help with one room or advice on the entire house.

Congratulations Veda!!


Talented Women

This past weekend I attended the 2009 Ladies Christmas Brunch at my church.  The theme this year was Home for the Holidays.  I am never disappointed and truly in awe at what these talented women can do. We laughed, we cried, we ate, we visited with each other, we hugged, we sang, we prayed and we had a blast.

Each year there is a table decorating contest that always just blows me away!  Get ready to be inspired!   (click each picture to enlarge)

Elegant Roses

Winter Wonderland

Animal Print 

Christ the King

Red and Black Elegance


You never have to much animal print!

Beautifully Creative

No matter where we chose to sit, (yes! we got to choose! it was really hard), we felt like royality. 

Thank you NCC Ladies for such a inspirational morning!

Email me with pictures of your Christmas decorated table.  Have any questions?  Which table was your favorite?

Have a Blessed Christmas

More Christmas decorating ideas to come.....;)


I'm in Love!

I saw this commericial and I am in love!!  Have I been hiding under a rock?  Where have I been to not know about this product?  Oh, how much easier my life could have been all these years!

HANG AND LEVEL. Check it out for yourself!

Was that just fabulous or what?!  Gettin' that, yep.  See you at Home Depot tomorrow!


Mantels, Oh My!

Wow, mantels... the sky's the limit.  From very ormnate to very simple, the choice is yours.  Here's a look of the mantel I created to go along with my sister's 'Blue Christmas'  She's a big Elvis fan, so whenever I see this all I can hear is, 'I'll have a blue Christmas without you'.  Now it's your turn to get that song trapped in your head!!

This garland was very easy to create.  All you need is the right amount you want to decorate you area. 

This product is wonderful.  It covers a lot of area and is only about $10 or less for a roll.

Just gather and attach by wrapping part of the garland around the netting.  I embelished it with some extra pine picks to give it a thicker look.  Then Christmas balls were used in different sizes throughout.

There you have it.  Ok, where's the hot chocolate?
So I guess all that's left to say is...
"Thank you very much"  (in my deep Elvis voice)