The Baby Tree

I love to decorate for baby showers.  Especially for little girls.  Everything can be so frilly and feathery and fun!

I like to create something different, something maybe no one else has seen before.

Although I know nothing is new under the sun, I still think this Baby Tree is pretty neat-o!

I started with some branches I found in my yard. (free)
Then spray painted them with left over white paint.  (free)

Placed them in a container from the $ store.  ($1)
Poured in some clear glass marbles left over from a wedding to
 hold them in place.  (free)

Tied ribbon in varying lengths onto the branches.  ($3)
Punched holes in scripture cards I made on my computer left over from my daughter's baby shower and tied them on the ribbon.  (free)

Tied baby party favors on the ribbon.  ($2)
Clipped on tiny pink clothes pins to hold money and gift cards.  ($1)

The mother-to-be was very pleased with her Baby Tree!

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DIY Bird Bath

  I wanted to create an area outside my office window that would be pleasant to look at while I paid bills, blogged and all the other stuff I do at my desk.

You know, bird bath, hanging baskets of flowers, ceremic things and so on.  Well, have you priced bird baths lately?!  I must admit I was in sticker shock.
So, I decided to try to make one myself.
 I already had in my possession, broken tile I had gotten at Lowes for next to nothing and a plant stand I wasn't using.  All I had to purchase was a container for the water and the grout for the tile.

Here is how I did it...

I broke the tile with a hammer.  Be sure and cover the tile with a towel or newspaper to protect your eyes.

Arranged the tile and glued it to the saucer.

Applied the mosaic grout and let it set according to the directions.

Sponged it off.

Applied clear glaze.

Glued it the top of the stand, filled with water and waited for the birdies!!

Now I'm itching to tile something else! 

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Writing on grammy's floor

When we closed in our carport to make a family room, I lived with cement floors for quite a while.  We thought of staining them but decided on wood lament because of cost and durability.

Before we covered the floor, I thought it would be nice to have the children, young and grown, to write a few messages on the concrete for prosperity. 

I was envisioning words of love to me, encouraging scriptures and general uplifting pharses I could remember to keep me warm knowing they were under my feet forever.

Well, this is what I got...

After a little coaxing on my part I did get this one...

Even though it's not what I expected or wanted, I smile when I think of the day they did this and the fun they had writing on Mama's and Grammy's floor! 





A picture says a thousand words.

Oh wow, I can hardly look at this picture without being in awe.  The love that my daughter radiates while holding her baby is breathtaking.

She barely made it to the hospital for the birth. 

 No pain meds, no epidural, no time for my son-in-law to eat the snacks the so carefully packed, no time for me to get there to encourage and comfort.  Not even time for her doctor to get there. 

 Miss Abigale had her own agenda. 

 I walked into the room just as our little bundle arrived.  She was blue, very blue.   She had aspirated some meconium

The doctor on call said to my daughter, "Be very still", as her suctioned our baby.  So blue.  Handing her over to the nurses, they began to work with little Abi. 

 Soon, she began to cry.  Music!  

Our prayers had been answered.  But long before that night, my daughter and son-in-law had been praying for God in His wisdom to orchestrate every circumstance of her birth.

  So we believe the right doctor and nurses were on duty that night.  We found out the nurse that took care of Abigale was the best one they had.

So I take this opportunity to say how blessed we are.  How thankful we are.  How appreciative we are.

This is Abigale now...

Couldn't you just pinch those cheeks?


Spring Tablescape

I am so excited it is finally Spring!  Although the pollen and I are not friends, I still can't help but to look forward to all the rebirth of God's creation.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I transformed my dining table into a little bit of nature by simply pulling things from around my house.

This was the before.  I love this look,
but I really wanted something to brighten the room.

Grass, flowers, waterfall...looks like nature to me.
(Sorry,I forgot to use the flash on this picture)

I used the flash here, but as you can see,
 it is before I decided to add my tea set.

Sweet tea set given to me by my sister.

This pretty little set of rose dishes I picked up at the local
 Ross Store for next to nothing.  It screams spring!

Pier 1 find at Easter last year. 

I'm sure you have some treasures in your home that can be pulled
 together to create the special feeling you're looking for. 


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