Writing on grammy's floor

When we closed in our carport to make a family room, I lived with cement floors for quite a while.  We thought of staining them but decided on wood lament because of cost and durability.

Before we covered the floor, I thought it would be nice to have the children, young and grown, to write a few messages on the concrete for prosperity. 

I was envisioning words of love to me, encouraging scriptures and general uplifting pharses I could remember to keep me warm knowing they were under my feet forever.

Well, this is what I got...

After a little coaxing on my part I did get this one...

Even though it's not what I expected or wanted, I smile when I think of the day they did this and the fun they had writing on Mama's and Grammy's floor! 



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  1. Your vision of a message for posterity reminds me of when I took my nephews to the zoo with a dream of exposing them to exotic animals and the wonder of nature. The were fascinated alright. Fascinated by the trail of ants on the ground. Gotta love kids!


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