A picture says a thousand words.

Oh wow, I can hardly look at this picture without being in awe.  The love that my daughter radiates while holding her baby is breathtaking.

She barely made it to the hospital for the birth. 

 No pain meds, no epidural, no time for my son-in-law to eat the snacks the so carefully packed, no time for me to get there to encourage and comfort.  Not even time for her doctor to get there. 

 Miss Abigale had her own agenda. 

 I walked into the room just as our little bundle arrived.  She was blue, very blue.   She had aspirated some meconium

The doctor on call said to my daughter, "Be very still", as her suctioned our baby.  So blue.  Handing her over to the nurses, they began to work with little Abi. 

 Soon, she began to cry.  Music!  

Our prayers had been answered.  But long before that night, my daughter and son-in-law had been praying for God in His wisdom to orchestrate every circumstance of her birth.

  So we believe the right doctor and nurses were on duty that night.  We found out the nurse that took care of Abigale was the best one they had.

So I take this opportunity to say how blessed we are.  How thankful we are.  How appreciative we are.

This is Abigale now...

Couldn't you just pinch those cheeks?


  1. Oh how wonderful. This is one one the most beautiful pictures I've seen... congratulations!

  2. Wow! I got goosebumps, what a wonderful moment!


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