Displaying your Treasures

What's the tricky part of owning a collection? Displaying it properly!  Most of us have a group of treasures that have meaning to us or we just think they are pretty and want to display them.  But how??

Let's take a look at few are some great ideas on how to show them off with charm and style.

source: Southern Living

A 'collection' of objects are much more interesting when they are grouped together. 

This grouping of crosses would have been fine on their own, but look how much more interesting they are when hugged by a frame.  I used 'words' and candle sconces to add even more interest.

Via Apartment Therapy

How fun is this?  This works because it helps the eye to focus on one thing at a time.


Southern Accents

Even grouping 3 to 5 of your favorite things give an impact to your space.

Displaying this colleciton of colored glass on a window sill, allows the light to stream through the window, accentuating their bright colors.

Cork stoppered bottles from Cost Plus are filled with sand, shells and small stones, gathered from vacation beaches. The bottles invite touching and shaking, surefire conversation starters.

This is so cute!  But you don't have to 'stick' to pin cushions!  Anything that fits in a glass jar would work.  How 'bout match books from different places your visited?  The possibilities are endless.

Remember, grouping your collectibles together give them much more impact and interest.  Now, go display your treasures!

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There are some photos I don't have photo credits for.  Sorry.

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Decorating Her Kitchen...One More Time

My niece just moved into her new house...again.  She lived here a few years ago, sold it, met a guy, bought it back and now I am decorating it for the third time.  Yeah, well, the second time, it doesn't really matter to this story. 

The first room I've decorated is the kitchen.

Using the tops of your cabinets to display some of your treasures causes the eye to travel upwards, making your space more interesting and creating height.  Place old telephone books or whatever you can find, on top of the cabinet to raise your objects so they can be seen from below.

You don't have to have an entire room for your office.  This beautiful desk sits on a wall in the kitchen that other wise would'nt be used.   The letter holder and clock were mounted on the back of the desk to give more room on the surface to do her work.

Shelves can be a bit scary to some.  Creating movement for the eye is your goal.  Be sure to group 'like' things together and themes together.  Use pops of color for interest and greenery to soften the hard lines.

More rooms to stay tuned!



Babies and Bows

I have been very busy this last couple of weeks.  But not as busy as my daughter and sister.  They both have presented to our family two new baby girls.  Girls!!  I love little girls!  They are so much fun to play dress up.  Let me introduce my new grand daughter...Abigale Grace.  7 lbs 13 ozs of joy.

We are truly blessed that God has entrusted her to us.  She's already wrapping her Daddy around her finger!!

This is my daughters first good look at her baby girl.  Priceless.  Notice Daddy beaming in the background?

Would you also like to meet my niece?  This is Alissa Brooke...

A very healthy 9 lbs 3 ozs! 

Two precious babies to hold and cuddle. It's a good thing.


Wait! I Wasn't Finished!

Happy New Year!!  2010, can you believe it? 
The year is full of promice and I am excited to get started! 

I did have a few things that I wanted accomplished by the end of 2009.

#1. I was hoping my new granddaughter would have already arrived,
but she is still tucked away in her mommy's tummy. 
Snug as a Lady-Bugg (her nickname) in a rug.

#2. To have all my tax 'stuff' organized so all I would
have to do is print a list for the accountant.

#3. To have all my Christmas decorations down and packed away.

#4. Exercise more. Ok, START exercising!

#5.  Make myself spend at least 1 hour every day on office work.

Was there anything you didn't accomplish in 2009?
 I guess I'll just add mine to my 2010 list!