Decorating Her Kitchen...One More Time

My niece just moved into her new house...again.  She lived here a few years ago, sold it, met a guy, bought it back and now I am decorating it for the third time.  Yeah, well, the second time, it doesn't really matter to this story. 

The first room I've decorated is the kitchen.

Using the tops of your cabinets to display some of your treasures causes the eye to travel upwards, making your space more interesting and creating height.  Place old telephone books or whatever you can find, on top of the cabinet to raise your objects so they can be seen from below.

You don't have to have an entire room for your office.  This beautiful desk sits on a wall in the kitchen that other wise would'nt be used.   The letter holder and clock were mounted on the back of the desk to give more room on the surface to do her work.

Shelves can be a bit scary to some.  Creating movement for the eye is your goal.  Be sure to group 'like' things together and themes together.  Use pops of color for interest and greenery to soften the hard lines.

More rooms to follow...so stay tuned!


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