Wait! I Wasn't Finished!

Happy New Year!!  2010, can you believe it? 
The year is full of promice and I am excited to get started! 

I did have a few things that I wanted accomplished by the end of 2009.

#1. I was hoping my new granddaughter would have already arrived,
but she is still tucked away in her mommy's tummy. 
Snug as a Lady-Bugg (her nickname) in a rug.

#2. To have all my tax 'stuff' organized so all I would
have to do is print a list for the accountant.

#3. To have all my Christmas decorations down and packed away.

#4. Exercise more. Ok, START exercising!

#5.  Make myself spend at least 1 hour every day on office work.

Was there anything you didn't accomplish in 2009?
 I guess I'll just add mine to my 2010 list!


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