Here in Texas we have been experiencing the worst drought since 1769, or so says the weatherman.

   What I know is, in my part of the state, we usually have lots of rainy days that produce some beautiful fall colors.

   Unfortunately, we only have lots of dead leaves, not colorful ones.  Very sad.  But, we do have a Hobby Lobby with lots of colorful leaves!   

Come on in...

I have actually changed the door decor to a wreath since I took this pic. 


Create your own centerpiece and place it on the dining table along with a colorful table runner.
  I used material I had left over from another project.
This is the first time I have used a white pumpkin.  I really like the contrast. 



A mason jar, coffee beans and a candle.  Smells really nice.

Vynal words on a 12 x 12 tile, kinda sets the mood, doesn't it? 


I love this little Indian girl. 

Awww, see the pic of my grandchildren in the corner?  I really love that picture.

Have fun decorating your home for fall.  I sure did!