Faux Eggs!!

When I was 'springing' up my house last week,
 I wanted to display a
 birds nest with some small eggs. 

 I searched in all my seasonal decor and couldn't find any at all.

                                            What was I to do?

(this is me thinking)

Then I found a huge bag of....
Pecans??  Why not?  They sorta look like eggs, don't they?

See that little pointy thingy? 

Since eggs don't have those, I filed them off with a fingernail file.

Then I painted them.  This paint is green because I got it on clearance.  You've heard of green eggs and ham!

I used acrylic paint.
  I tried spray paint but the acrylic covered in one coat.

I think I needed to file it a little more.

I used a felt tip pen because I wanted them to have spots, like this...

These are real eggs in a real nest.

Pecan Eggs...all cozy in their nest!
(The flash on the camera make them look blue.)

Ready for Spring!

I know you ladies have some great ideas and I would to hear them!


~~your comments make me smile!~~

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Door Hanger for Baby

When my new granddaughter and niece were born, my sister and I wanted to give them a door hanger to announce the birth of their babies.
Sooo, we decided I would make them instead of purchasing them ready made.

While searching the internet for ideas, I came upon a very unique one that I had not seen before and I wanted to make my version of it.

We set out to find all the goodies to make this adorable door hanger.  I have to say, shopping for it was so much fun!  We had to be careful not to get to carried away!

Here's how it started....

Since it was around Valentine's Day when we did this, we were able to find so many cute things just for little girls.

I started with this adorable wall pocket.  Cut some floral foam and hot glued it inside.  Then I cut the flowers to the height I wanted and began inserting them into the foam.  I did not hot glue them in place.  They stayed nicely on their own.

Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon!!  I cut it all to length in varying sizes.

Then these were hot glued onto the ribbon.  Be careful.  It is so easy to burn your fingers when working with something this small.  You may want to have a small bowl of cool water handy to plunge your fingers into!
You can also add letters for the baby's Lbs and Inches down the ribbon, which I did. 

We found a small wooden plaque that had the ribbon already attached.  Then I placed self sticking letters to spell her name.  I'm telling you, we were really blessed doing this around Valentine's Day.  So much cool stuff to choose from! 

Next, just start tying your ribbon and other accessories onto the wall pocket.   How sweet!

The little bear was just nestled into the flowers so Mom could take it out for Baby to play with later. 

Both Mom's were very happy with their new door hanger.

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Tribute to my Mother

My birthday is coming up next week. I'll be 56.  I have thought alot about this particular birthday.  I will be the age of my mother when she went to be the Lord.  It's been 20 years this year since I've seen her face

She showed strength and tenderness.  Always loving her children and grandchildren with all she had.  Was she a perfect mom?  No.  But she was mine.

Some of the best lessons I learned in life were from this woman.

I still hear her saying...

Beauty is only skin deep.
Boys like freakles.
The gift of joy is the best gift you can give.
Don't go outside with wet hair.  You'll get sick.
Be careful you'll wish your life away.
Play nice.
Don't go out with curlers in your hair.
You make the best biscuits.
Sweet dreams.

Thank you Mother for...

staying up till the wee hours of the morning to sew an outfit for me to wear to Six Flags.
for having the patience to teach me to sew and make those biscuits.
for always making me feel pretty.
for reminding Daddy what it is like for a girl to have a broken heart.
for loving me when I didn't feel like I deserved it.
for giving me a surprise party for my 16th birthday.
for letting me pick those blue framed glasses when I was 8.
for sewing my lavender fairy costume.
and so much more.

I love you Mother, Sweet Dreams

Minnie Ola


Glimpes of Home

This week I'm joining the linky Glimpse of Home with Chatting at the Sky

This is a glimpse into this decorators home office.  I was told by a client friend that a messy office is a sign of creativity.

Do you think she was just trying to make me feel better?

Living in a small home, I have to do with the space I have, so
I use my walls as an art gallery for the art I use for home staging. 

Is that an empty spot on that desk?? 

I'm not sure if I am brave or just out of my mind
for posting my office! :)
Do you have a creative office? 

Been There, Done That, Got The Tee Shirt!

Last week I had the honor of being one of the many Blue Shirts to work on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Mineola Texas!

What an experience of a lifetime, to be a part of such a massive undertaking.  It's truly amazing to see strangers come together with such a spirit of giving.  Wouldn't the world be a better place if Matthew 22:37-39 that were the norm?

The Carr family is a beautiful family and well deserving of the love their community gave to them.

The home is absolutly beautiful!!  I wish I could tell you about it, but you'll have to wait till the show airs on May 9th.

But I do have some sneek pics I can share of how it all started........

Lumber waiting to be a home.

The beginnings of a dream come true.

Can't wait for you to see this!

She is air brushing the bedding to go into the room I got to help with!

Fantabulous Food!  Workers resting and recharging.

Ta-Da!!  Isn't it beautiful!

And now to answer the question I'm sure you have all been wondering about. 

 YES!!!  I got to see Ty!!!!

And no, I didn't get his autograph. *sniff sniff*

And YES he is more gorgous in person!  

 All the cast was extremly kind. Paige said 'Hi' to me as she walked by me.

If you ever get a chance to volunteer on any community project, I promice you will blessed beyond measure.


Photography credit for Extreme Home Makeover -


Lighten Up!

It's March already?!  It's one of my favorite months of the year.  Why?  It means spring is just around the corner.

Spring always reminds me of rebirth. The newness of the season inspires me to 'lighten up'.

It's time to clean out and get out all the clutter. Clutter holds us down and by simply purging and removing it can give us the feeling of freshness that says, 'Spring'!

We can get so emotionally attached to our things, we can't move forward.
Do you find it as hard to breathe as I do just looking at this room?

Replace your heavy drapes with lighter frabric and let in the sunshine!   The first thing I do every morning is open all my blinds in the house.  I love how my house looks and feels in natural light.

New pillows and throws in softer hues will lighten your space. Doesn't this just scream 'Spring'!?  They're from PB.

Try a new furniture arrangement that focuses on the outdoors.  Nobody says that once you have placed your furniture in your room it has to stay that way.  So experiment!   

Fresh flowers. Treat yourself once a week. When I have them in my home, I can't resist touching and smelling them several times a day.  They make me feel 'pretty'!  Is that wierd?

Take time to take a good look around your home. Do you have 'things' weighing you down? Lighten up!

What does Spring remind you of?