Door Hanger for Baby

When my new granddaughter and niece were born, my sister and I wanted to give them a door hanger to announce the birth of their babies.
Sooo, we decided I would make them instead of purchasing them ready made.

While searching the internet for ideas, I came upon a very unique one that I had not seen before and I wanted to make my version of it.

We set out to find all the goodies to make this adorable door hanger.  I have to say, shopping for it was so much fun!  We had to be careful not to get to carried away!

Here's how it started....

Since it was around Valentine's Day when we did this, we were able to find so many cute things just for little girls.

I started with this adorable wall pocket.  Cut some floral foam and hot glued it inside.  Then I cut the flowers to the height I wanted and began inserting them into the foam.  I did not hot glue them in place.  They stayed nicely on their own.

Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon!!  I cut it all to length in varying sizes.

Then these were hot glued onto the ribbon.  Be careful.  It is so easy to burn your fingers when working with something this small.  You may want to have a small bowl of cool water handy to plunge your fingers into!
You can also add letters for the baby's Lbs and Inches down the ribbon, which I did. 

We found a small wooden plaque that had the ribbon already attached.  Then I placed self sticking letters to spell her name.  I'm telling you, we were really blessed doing this around Valentine's Day.  So much cool stuff to choose from! 

Next, just start tying your ribbon and other accessories onto the wall pocket.   How sweet!

The little bear was just nestled into the flowers so Mom could take it out for Baby to play with later. 

Both Mom's were very happy with their new door hanger.

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  1. What a great idea!
    Wonderful job, its just so sweet.

  2. Thank you Amy! Both moms have them hanging in the babies rooms. Thank you for you comment. I am new at blogging and I get so excited when I get a comment!

  3. Awww.. the ribbons really bring it to life! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Gail! Glad you have you for a visit over at SNS. :)

    Thanks for linking up!
    FJ Donna


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