Tribute to my Mother

My birthday is coming up next week. I'll be 56.  I have thought alot about this particular birthday.  I will be the age of my mother when she went to be the Lord.  It's been 20 years this year since I've seen her face

She showed strength and tenderness.  Always loving her children and grandchildren with all she had.  Was she a perfect mom?  No.  But she was mine.

Some of the best lessons I learned in life were from this woman.

I still hear her saying...

Beauty is only skin deep.
Boys like freakles.
The gift of joy is the best gift you can give.
Don't go outside with wet hair.  You'll get sick.
Be careful you'll wish your life away.
Play nice.
Don't go out with curlers in your hair.
You make the best biscuits.
Sweet dreams.

Thank you Mother for...

staying up till the wee hours of the morning to sew an outfit for me to wear to Six Flags.
for having the patience to teach me to sew and make those biscuits.
for always making me feel pretty.
for reminding Daddy what it is like for a girl to have a broken heart.
for loving me when I didn't feel like I deserved it.
for giving me a surprise party for my 16th birthday.
for letting me pick those blue framed glasses when I was 8.
for sewing my lavender fairy costume.
and so much more.

I love you Mother, Sweet Dreams

Minnie Ola

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