Lighten Up!

It's March already?!  It's one of my favorite months of the year.  Why?  It means spring is just around the corner.

Spring always reminds me of rebirth. The newness of the season inspires me to 'lighten up'.

It's time to clean out and get out all the clutter. Clutter holds us down and by simply purging and removing it can give us the feeling of freshness that says, 'Spring'!

We can get so emotionally attached to our things, we can't move forward.
Do you find it as hard to breathe as I do just looking at this room?

Replace your heavy drapes with lighter frabric and let in the sunshine!   The first thing I do every morning is open all my blinds in the house.  I love how my house looks and feels in natural light.

New pillows and throws in softer hues will lighten your space. Doesn't this just scream 'Spring'!?  They're from PB.

Try a new furniture arrangement that focuses on the outdoors.  Nobody says that once you have placed your furniture in your room it has to stay that way.  So experiment!   

Fresh flowers. Treat yourself once a week. When I have them in my home, I can't resist touching and smelling them several times a day.  They make me feel 'pretty'!  Is that wierd?

Take time to take a good look around your home. Do you have 'things' weighing you down? Lighten up!

What does Spring remind you of?


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