Faux Eggs!!

When I was 'springing' up my house last week,
 I wanted to display a
 birds nest with some small eggs. 

 I searched in all my seasonal decor and couldn't find any at all.

                                            What was I to do?

(this is me thinking)

Then I found a huge bag of....
Pecans??  Why not?  They sorta look like eggs, don't they?

See that little pointy thingy? 

Since eggs don't have those, I filed them off with a fingernail file.

Then I painted them.  This paint is green because I got it on clearance.  You've heard of green eggs and ham!

I used acrylic paint.
  I tried spray paint but the acrylic covered in one coat.

I think I needed to file it a little more.

I used a felt tip pen because I wanted them to have spots, like this...

These are real eggs in a real nest.

Pecan Eggs...all cozy in their nest!
(The flash on the camera make them look blue.)

Ready for Spring!

I know you ladies have some great ideas and I would to hear them!


~~your comments make me smile!~~

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  1. You are such a delight to read how creative you are....enjoying your blog so much!~!!

  2. I would have never thought to use pecans... they look fabulous! :-)

  3. Gail, those are beautiful! What a great idea, you did such a good job painting them, I would never have guessed!

    Thanks for linking!

    Poppies at Play

  4. haha -- how precious! What a creative idea!


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