You're Never to Old for a Cake with Your Name on it!

This weekend was my father-in-law's birthday.  He's a quiet man who has the love and respect of his family and friends.  It was an honor to help prepare for the celebration of his 80 years on this earth.

Dad Evers about to cut his Italian Creme Cake.

Here is a great idea I got from Nancy of 2nd Additions. 

Take a vase or cylinder, (this one I got at the dollar store for $1), layer it with different kinds of dried beans, place a votive candle is the center and instant centerpiece!  To get the golden color I was looking for I used corn. The layers are pintos, corn, navy beans and split peas.  Simple, cheap and beautiful!

The memory table was quite a hit with the crowd.  It span almost his entire 80 years.  From grade school to his 60th wedding anniversary.

But I think the table that got the most attention was the scrapbook table.  Instead of a guest book, everyone was encouraged to create their own scrapbook page.  Each one wrote a sentiment about our guest of honor and then decorated it anyway they wanted.  It was then place in a binder and given to Dad at the end of the evening.

What a great time we had with family. We'll have to do that again for his next 80th birthday!

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