Color your room with Fall

What is about Fall

Is it the fact we can all breathe again without all the humidity in the air? 

Is it the beautiful colors God so graciously displays? 

Is the fact the nesting instinct kicks in and we get our homes ready to nestle in for the cool weather?

For me it is all the above and all I can say is 'Yea Fall!'. 

Decorating your home for Fall doesn't mean you have to pack up your house and refill it with seasonal 'stuff'.  For the most part, you can embellish what you already have in place.

Of course I like some new things to decorate with just as much as you do!  But by keeping some loose items like leaves, gourds, pumpkins, candles and berries, you can have new decorations every year!

I buy most all my decorating items on clearance at the end of each season.  I can't always remember what I did an hour ago,  so it's always an adventure to open up my 'Fall' box and create something 'new'.

Let me show you...

By just adding some fall fruit to the already colorful arrangement, you get instant Fall.

Here the greenery that was used in the summer is removed and replaced with fall leaves.  Then all I did was pull some of my loose items, (the berries, vines and small pumpkins I was telling you about), and spruced it up a bit.

How cute is this? 


So, what do you do to color your room with Fall?


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