Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Ours was wonderful.  Lots of family and even more food!

I have had several requests to post pictures of some of my Christmas decorations I have around my house.  Click the picture for a larger view!  So, here goes.... 

My dining table.  The centerpiece I made from a broken wall sconce, greenery picks I removed from a wrought iron piece that I liked better without them, a glass vase I got on clearance and some left over beads.  It's one of those 'use what ya got' creations.  I also used paper napkins as placemats.

Close up of the Nativity.

My Snow Villiage.   I won the wreath at a Christmas decorating class I took!

You can take in a movie...

Or, have a slice of pie.  Doesn't it look as if you could walk in and sit down?

The kitchen counter. 

The top of the entertainment center.  I later changed out the gold berries with red ones.  It gave it more interest.

The little birdie sitting among the berries.

Even the bathroom gets a little something.

The center of the garland hanging around the window in the family room.

And the tree.  For some reason the top looks green in this picture.  I have the tree sitting on a table.  It's a small tree and raising it gives it more presence in the room.

Well, that was a little tour of some of my decorations.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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