A centerpiece is just what it says...a center piece.  It demands the center of attention.  It is what the remainder of the elements surrounding it is based on.
I had the chance to create a 'Blue Christmas' recently for my sister.  Here are the steps to her gorgeous centerpiece.

#1.  Assemble the neccessary items.

I used 2 (one shown), pine swags and a container to hold a candle.

Elements of blue with lots of sparkle were chosen for this project.
Choose the colors that go best with your color scheme.  Red and green, shades of purple, pinks.  Pick a color, any color!

#2. Placing the swags and vase

Place the swags end to end with enough room to cradle the vase.  Also placing the centerpiece on a table runner makes it easier to move around the table as needed.

#3. Putting it all together.
Then just start placing the elements keeping in mind balance and proportion.  No hot glue was used, making it easy to store for next year. 

And there you have it!!

Who wouldn't love this on their dining table?! 

What about you?  Got some great centerpiece ideas?  Any questions?  Leave a comment or email me your pictures and they could be in my next post!

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