So ~ How's Your Plates Hangin'?

The truth be told, I had never been a fan of plates on the wall as 'art'.  It reminded of my grandmother's house. Not that that's a bad thing.  I just thought she didn't have anything else to hang, so she stuck some plates on the wall and called it a day.

But as I wonder through bloggdom, I find I am increasingly loving the plate thing.

So much so, I decided to try it in my own home.  I figure if all the talented ladies out there are doing it, it must be cool.  And I wanna be cool.  Don't you?

Then I realized you have to have plates to hang if you want them hung, right?  Being a Home Stager, I have several sets of dishes I use to stage homes so I swiped a few from there and then went Goodwill shopping for more.

This is the arrangement in my dining room.  It's simple, but I'm just starting to get the hang of this idea.

Want to know an easy way to hang plates without plate hangers?

That's a paper clip and a ton of hot glue. (no duh, right?) Now, if I had a plate that was really special to me or I would cry if it got broken, then I would use the plate hanger, just in case.

I even did a hanging for a client's kitchen. 

I love the way The Nester hangs her plates.  Think I'm gonna try something like that next time!

Do you have an opinion on plates?

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  1. I love plates, too! I have some in my dining room, my office, and am going to put some in my kitchen. I've always been a plate fan, but now I'm using different shades of white plates Nessster style!


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