My Bathroom Diary

I have lived in this house for 26 years and there have been a lot of changes.  Layers of paint,  different floors,  carport closed in to make a family room,  walls where there were doors and doors where there were walls.  Well, we've changed about every room in the house.....except this one...

                                           Yep, that's all Im showing!

And this is where my adventure begins...{sigh}  You see, this is the only bathroom in the house and it is in GREAT need of a total remodel.

I can't hide behind the shower curtain anymore!  But this is the do you gut your only bathroom!  I mean, where do I, ummmm, you know.  And what about getting clean?

I think that's why we have put it off as long as we have, but we now have no choice.  Last week the dining room flooded every time we showered.  My sweet husband did the best he could to fix it temporally.  No point in spending the money on repairs when we are going to gut it anyway, right?

So, if anyone have ever gutted their only bathroom and lived to tell about it, please let me in on your secret!


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