Goodwill Hunting

 I love to find bargains.  One woman's trash is another woman's craft project!

While sitting around with my granddaughter one afternoon, we decided to go Goodwill hunting. I was wanting to change my bedroom (again) and needed to find some accessories at a price I didn't drop my teeth about.  (I really have all my own teeth)

I found these items at my local Goodwill Store and thought they would look wonderful in my 'new again' bedroom.

See this great chair?  You will never guess what I paid for it....drum roll please.........

Can you believe it?   I took it outside when I got it home and soaped it down, scrubbed out the stains and rinsed till I knew there was no evidence of the previous owner. (I'm a bit of a germ freak ;) )

This is it all clean smelling good.

I loved this bowl just the way it was.  $1.49.  The tarnish gave it some character.  Dont' you think?   This is what I put in it....


This pair of lamps was hiding in the window sill of the store.  Again, $1.49 each.  All they need was some new shades.

I couldn't resist these plates.  There were several tiny ones that look like they belonged in a doll house.  49 cents each and the larger one was $1.99.

This is the look all together...

Till next time on Goodwill Hunting..


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  1. My favorite movie! You've done some nice things with your finds.

  2. I love the Goodwill chair. What an amazing price. Good for you. Of course with a blog name like mine "A conversation at goodwill" you know I love my goodwill finds. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fabulous finds, love the silver bowl!

  4. I love everything, especially the prices! The pop of red really makes everything sing, you did an excellent job! Happy VTT!


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