Let's Talk Window Treatments

Or as a fellow blogger, The Nester states, window mistreatments.  The term she coined is describing window coverings that require little or no sewing.

There are several reasons for window coverings.  Privacy, light control, temperature control and just plain pretty.

I truly think an un-treated window is, (as we say in the south), 'necked' or 'naked' if you want the proper spelling. ;)

Now if your view is like this...

you can slide on the window treatments.  God has pretty much provided it for you!

But let's just say for the sake of saying, you don't...

Let's take a look at a few examples of great window mistreatments.

Above is one of the simplest of all to do in my opinion.  These are tablecloths.  The edges are already finished!  How easy is that?  I find ones that on sale and for next to nothing, window mistreatment!!!

...and all you need to do is use drapery rings to connect the cloth to rod!

This beautiful window is presented by.....2-1/2 yards of fabric.  That's all, just fabric right off the bolt and hung with drapery rings. 

 (I love drapery rings!  They are a no-sew girl's friend.) 

The edges are left raw for a 'natural' look.  Okay, I just didn't want to sew that day.  This fabric was stolen, I mean purchased for only 75 cents a yard! 

Window scarves are very versatile.  Here, I threw it over the rod and let it just hang.  No rings, no sew, just simple, simple.

You all know to hang your mistreatments about 3 inches or less from the ceiling, right?  Of course you do! 

But what if the panels you bought are not long enough?  Just find some coordinating fabric in color and weight and attach it to the bottom or top, (i have done both),  and you will have a beautiful, long, dramatic look any window would be happy to show off! 

(attach to extra fabric with iron on tape if you don't have a machine)

There you have it!  Now go out there a mistreat some windows!


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  1. Awesome tips on window treatments, my house is in desperate need of some redos!
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