The House is Finished!!

A few weeks ago amid the births of my granddaughter and my niece, I had started decorating my niece's house.  Not the daughter of my baby sister who is only 3 weeks old, but the daughter of my older sister who we won't tell her age (she's 40).  Everybody got that so far!

The living room was the last room to do.  We made it just under the wire for the Super Bowl Party!

Here are her beautiful before and after pictures!

Old arrangement with old furniture.

New arrangement with new furniture!  The armoire was relocated from the bedroom to the living room.  The lighter wood finish helps to brighten up the room.

There was no room for the coffee table with the new arrangement and the very LARGE sofa.

But placing a tray on the ottoman gave them a place to place their drinks or whatever.
Notice how the sofa is arranged on a diagonal?  Gives lots of interest to the room

How cute is this idea!  The moss was put inside because I thought I was going to put greenery in it.  Then I thought I would try the lamp and it looks great!  I love the way the light reflects on the ceiling.  Just a little design trick for you!

See the birdcage?  Sweet!  Need to hide some wires?  Place a container with greenery in front of them as I did here under the end table.
Also, I used the end table to separate the sectional. It also gives another place for a light source. 

Enjoy PB!!


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