Are You Sure This is The Same Room?

Redesigning...is something I truly love to do.  Taking the things you have had for years and recreating them to something that hopefully, you would never have thought of doing.

This is my niece's bedroom redesigned into her and hubby's retreat.


The bed is relocated to the outside wall. The two windows frame the bed and help give it the focus it deserves.


  We placed the dresser on the wall that once was occupied by the bed.  Don't be afraid to place objects on the floor.  It's one of those.."Oh! That's cool!" 


  By placing the mirror in the corner opposite the windows, light was allowed to reflect back into the room.  Would you believe they picked up this mirror for a steal!  It was missing a bolt and hubby was told if he could put it together, he could have it for $99!  Guess what?  He put it together!


A chair in the corner to sit and slip on your shoes, favorite pictures in a grouping, G-grandmother's cedar chest, Box of Treasures of your life together and a reminder to always kiss goodnight!  Pretty great little corner!!  This picture makes it look a little crowded, but it real life, it's not.


Isn't Redesign fun!!  You don't have to throw everything away and start over.  A fresh eye, some elbow grease and Ta Da!!  New room!!

Ok, I have to fess up.  There are a few new things in the room.  Curtains, a candle, 2 lamps and a red vase.  But that's all!!  Honest!!

Do you have a room or two that needs help?
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  1. Your "after" room looks great! Amazing what a little rearranging can do. Way to go!


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